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"Adversity has the effect

of eliciting talents which

in prosperous

circumstances would

have lain dormant." Horace

The Poopinator as 
"The Mad Scientist"

"Against the assault of laughter 

nothing can stand."

Mark Twain

"The Villain"

"A little nonsense now and then is
relished by the wisest men."

Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka, 1971
"I  b r e a t h e  and allow my body to
relax....a h h h h h......"
"Laughter is an instant vacation."
Milton Berle
How The Poopinator® was born........    


     I don't believe it was an accident that I got cancer of the "gut."  After consistently ignoring my intuition, it finally got my attention.  It was time to stop blindly  doing all the things I believed I "should" do; it was time to stop automatically following the well-intentioned advice from other peopleIt was time I learned to trust myself.

     I learned that other people's opinions can be very helpful, but when it comes to the actual decision-making, I needed to learn to trust myself to make the best decisions for me.  As simple and basic as that concept may sound, it meant taking a risk in trusting myself, and to begin experimenting and practicing with making choices that genuinely feel right for me, even if they don't always make sense at first, and even if others disapprove.  It also means not beating myself up when a decision I make seems "wrong," but to keep trusting and moving forward.  

    During the "cancer time" I kept a journal to help me deal with all the emotions and events that were occurring.  One day I wrote that there was plenty of material in my journal to  write a "cancer comedy."   Oh, yeah, and I should call it  .....


   I ignored it the first time.  After all, I had no experience in writing, performing, acting, drama, comedy or public speaking.  After an embarrassing experience in childhood I vowed to never bring attention to myself.  Now I'm supposed to go on stage in front of strangers and call myself the "Poopinator?" I don't think so!

    But when this idea wouldn't leave me alone even after a year, I figured it was going to haunt me until I did it! 

   I believe I was being offered a gift and opportunity  to deal with a bunch of issues all at once - Authenticity ~ Fear of what other people think ~ Humor ~ Creativity ~ my definition of Perfection and Imperfection ~ Forgiveness ~ Appreciation ~ Joy ~ and Love.

  I decided to take a chance and accept this bizarre, frightening, but mostly exciting opportunity.  I mustered some courage, bought a CD set on how to do story theater, and soon I was up on a small stage nervously performing cancer comedy, calling myself The Poopinator and having a blast!  I made a lot of "mistakes"   at first, but somehow it was "perfect."

    It took a cancer diagnosis for me to start to be, love and trust myself, and to appreciate and allow genuine creative self-expression.  (Please keep in mind -  you don't need to wait for a dramatic and traumatic wake up call to begin living a life of joy, purpose and authenticity! You can start any time you wish :-)

   The experience with cancer gave me the opportunity to acknowledge and love ALL of myself -including the parts of me I don't really like and wish weren't there, to listen to the voice of true inspiration, to play more by nurturing my inner child, to recognize myself as an artist, to understand there's perfection in the imperfection, to release the fear of what other people think, to trust my intuition, to begin to heal from the inside out, to experience the power of appreciation, and to allow my authentic self to shine through.  

   The "cancer time" was one of those "worst and best" times of my life.  Although most definitely challenging, frightening, and painful at times, the gifts and blessings that came from it are things I am truly grateful for.   I learned how to have fun and how to navigate life by using joy and a sense of purpose as my inner compass.   

   May YOU love and appreciate yourself enough to live your life by navigating whatever brings YOU joy, by doing whatever feels right for you, and by just being your magnificent, unique self!  

With much love,  .

Mary AndrewsThe Poopinator

"Know you, Be you, Love you!"

Because life is your playground. How do YOU play?!


Mary Andrews is a certified spiritual life coach, a certified Human Design guide, a certified Hand Analyst, and a certified Laughter Leader.

"The past is over.

It has no power now.

The thoughts of

THIS moment create

my future.  My point

of creation is now."

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